Barnie's Office Coffee Features & Benefits

Concierge Service - let us do the heavy lifting

Don’t have the time to crunch numbers on how much coffee to order? Not sure what needs to be ordered or how often? We’ve got you covered. Our concierge service will work with you from start to finish to perfect your office coffee order.

  • How it works – Work with our coffee concierge to help create your personalized office coffee plan. We’ll discuss your current needs, office size, and employees taste to put together the perfect plan for your company.
  • What's included –A turn-key approach to ensure the best customer service possible, and a customized plan fit specifically for your company.

Ready to get started? Give us a call today! 800-284-1416

Auto Ship Program - never forget about ordering coffee, ever again

  • Benefits – Never worry about forgetting to order coffee. Our Auto ship offers a simple approach that does the thinking for you. Office Coffee = happy employees + increased productivity
  • How it Works – It’s simple. Once you select an item, you’ll have the option to Auto ship. Simply choose how often you want your product shipped, and we’ll do the rest!
  • What's Included – Exclusive savings and discounts, every time you order.


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